Resolving Conflicts

I help people resolve legal conflicts through the courts, arbitration, mediation and negotiation.  I have handled every aspect of legal procedure from pre-trial through trials and appeals.

Education Law

I represent parents of children with learning differences get the education their children deserve.

Modest Means Clients

I focus on helping people of modest means navigate the legal system in a broad variety of disputes (contracts, personal injury, landlord/tenant rights, etc.). One way I have found to keep client fees low is by un-bundling legal services--assisting  my clients one step at a time as needed.  


I am also a mediator. I mediated many cases to successful conclusions.  

The Bigger Picture

I was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of a private school that focused on helping children who learn differently. I was on the board of the Alameda County Bar Association and headed several sections of the association.